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Size: 118ML
Cat urine has a particularly pungent odour that can be difficult to remove with standard cleaning formulas. Give urine stains the flick and say farewell to stinky cat wee with Urine Off Cat and Kitten Formula!

Stored in a convenient travel-sized bottle, this special formula has a higher viscosity which can adhere to vertical surfaces to clean areas where your cat may have sprayed, included walls and furniture. Effective in eliminating both fresh and old urine stains and odours, Urine Off also eliminates markers that tend to attract cats back to the same location.

Bio-enzymatic technology removes stains and odours permanently
High viscosity adheres to vertical surfaces to clean spots where your cat has sprayed
Eliminates both fresh and old stains and odours
Non-toxic formula is safe to use around pets and people
Fresh and clean scent