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Puppies/Kittens For Sale

Here at Pet and Aquarium World all our puppies and kittens are bought and sold under the animal welfare code of practice. Every puppy receives a health portfolio with first vaccination, microchipping and worming. As a pet store that is governed by legislation we are required to keep and be able to provide a paper trail of where all our pets come from and go to.

This means that all of our puppies are bought from registered and responsible breeders which enables us to aid enforcement agencies such as the RSPCA in exposing and closing down puppy farms/mills. 

Therefore if you are interested in purchasing one of our fur babies you are more than welcome to come into our store and ask us any questions as we are completely transparent. 

Puppy/Kitten sales are by appointment only, so please call us on (02) 4648 4438 during our business hours to make an inquiry.