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Size: 750ML
The Trouble and Trix No More Litter Odour 750ml is a handy odour-remover spray designed to help reduce the risk of litter box smells spreading around the house. This easy-to-use formula can simply be sprayed over fabrics, soft furnishings, hard surfaces, and inside your cat's tray to help remove unpleasant pet smells by absorbing bad odours on contact, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean every day! The key features of the Trouble and Trix No More Litter Odour 750ml are:

750ml spray bottle.
Completely eliminates bad odours on contact rather than masking them.
Safe for use around pets and children as directed.
Use on furnishings such as sofas and carpets, and furniture such as cages and tables.
Can be sprayed directly onto litter to help freshen your cat's litter box.
Made in Australia.