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Size: 12 X 85G
Even a little extra weight around the tummy can start impacting your cat’s quality of life and overall health, so it’s important to offer them a diet that helps to support their optimal weight.

Containing 19% less calories than its full-calorie equivalent, Royal Canine Ultra Light Care Jelly Wet Cat Food is enriched with L-carnitine to help promote the conversion of fats into energy so that your cat can lose the weight and keep it off. This delicious light cat food is packed with protein to help maintain muscle mass while leaving your cat feeling full and satisfied between meals.

The formula also comes with a carefully tailored nutrient blend that helps to support a healthy urinary system.

Lower calorie formula helps adult cats achieve and maintain a healthy weight
L-carnitine supports healthy fat metabolism
High protein content helps cats maintain muscle mass while leave your cat feeling full and satisfied
Supports urinary health