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The Kazoo Split Coconut With Toys and Spoons is a fun and natural addition to add to your pet bird’s environment. This swinging ornament made from tough coconut husks and wood includes dangling plastic spoons and chips to entice your pet to interact. The toy is easy to attach by simply hanging inside your cage to encourage your bird to play, helping minimise boredom and destructive behaviours. The key features of the Kazoo Split Coconut With Toys and Spoons are:
Dangly cage toy made with real coconut and wood.
Provides your bird with a sturdy toy that can withstand repeated clawing.
Bright and colourful to mimic your bird’s innate surroundings.
Includes a variety of textures for gnawing and pecking.
Swinging mechanism tempts your pet to play.
Can help alleviate boredom and liven up everyday playtime.
Helps promote good physical and mental health by keeping your bird active and stimulated.
Perfect for larger-sized birds.