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It jingles and wiggles, and is extra fun to gnaw on, birds just can’t get enough of their Chips and Bell Bird Toy.

Made from bird-safe materials and coloured with natural dyes that are safe to chew on, this wooden bird toy offers a fun texture that encourages birds to satisfy their natural gnawing and climbing instincts. Chewing on this toy is a great way of minimising boredom and wearing down the beak to a healthy length, while the jingly bell is perfect for interactive and musical play.

Brightly coloured to attract your bird’s attention
Satisfies natural gnawing and climbing instincts to minimise stress and boredom while encouraging healthy exercise
Excellent enrichment tool for birds
Natural coloured wood is safe for chewing
Comes with a bell for musical play
Sturdy clip attaches conveniently to cages of any size