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We have more than 10 years experience, cared for hundreds of animals. And provided countless families life long friends. Come and share your story with us.

Our staff are ready to help you with your pet’s needs. If we don’t stock a product you need, we can always source and place an order for you. We also have good relationships with local vets so we can always point you in the right direction with care and advice for you pet.

The Chad Rocks
Dog Lover
Awesome shop staff are really nice and the prices are better than other pet shops .
Tania Cheetham
Cat Specialist
We recently purchased from this store and had a wonderful experience. Highly recommend!
Alex Rose
Exotic Birds Vet
Lots of pets – Dogs, Cats, Birds, ferrets, fish, mice, large birds, good priced pet food however the Animals are extremely expensive.
Jason Skarstrom
Be sure not to take your kids there is you want to be in and out quick as they’ll be drawn to the puppy pens. Also, there are some cool birds just hanging around the shop.
Fiona Georgandas
Pet Lover
The staff was friendly and very helpful. I will be definitely going back for all my pet products.